Thursday, April 14, 2016

Global Training Day with Blisstering

Blisstering Solutions

The meetup was arranged at Crystal Plaza, Kalina, Mumbai.
I learnt what "Headless Drupal" is, and how RESTful APIs can be coded practically on any existing or new websites.

Said Agenda:
1. Introduction to Headless Drupal
2. Learn about Services and different APIs that are readily available and how custom APIs can be coded.
3. Coding REST APIs for CRUD operations on one of the content types.
4. Build a AngularJS Application consuming these APIs. We will provide a template to start with, in which APIs can be integrated.
5. Build a custom API on top of Drupal and integrating it.
6. Demo of some of the applications build on Headless Drupal.
Who will gain the most from this course?
1. Web Developers; who want to know and experience Headless Drupal.
2. Mobile Developers; who want to code REST API and view Drupal as a backend solution.
3. Solution Architects; who will be able to view Drupal as a complete end-to-end solution from Backend to Mobile and other IoT (Internet of Things).

Minutes of the meetup:

  • Jeykyll, static site generator eg:
  • Tesla Motors website designed in Drupal can trace the location of cars. A perfect example of hardware interaction.
  • In D8 there is no service module.
  • We installed and learnt few drush/Drupal console commands.
  • There is no option to disable modules in D8. Either enable or uninstall.
  • Installing and using HAL module for APIs in D8.
  • DHC REST Client add-on in google Chrome browser for POST and GET http requests with D8 website.
  • For authentication in DHC client, we need to create a user and for POST(contents to website) request we need CSRF token module.
  • Learn MVC structured Angular JS with

Sunday, March 20, 2016

All pages are not displaying for drupal website in localhost

This is mostly the problem of Clean URL.
Method 1 from the link worked for me.
This problem is mostly common but many times we fail to understand the exact cause of it.

Hope this helped.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Cutting Chai with DrupalCon Asia 2016

Drupal is the most powerful CMS & fun to work with as a developer as well as a newbie. I started my journey with Drupal by creating my personal website. In Feb 2015, at IIT Bombay, India, I witnessed DrupalCamp Mumbai.

DrupalCamp Mumbai, India was a great success. I was proud to be part of DrupalCamp as a volunteer and part of FOSSEE team who was one of the Platinum sponsors. We are always grateful to Prof. Sunthar for introducing IIT Bombay with Drupal Mumbai Community.

DrupalCamp Mumbai 2015
From DrupalCamp to DrupalCon the voyage took a turn for the best.
I was exhilarated with the announcement of DrupalCon Asia 2016 in Mumbai, India and that too in IIT Bombay. Having worlds largest conference of Drupal in Mumbai galvanized each one of us to do our best to welcome the community from all parts of the world. 

Drupal has inculcated & poised me to create from personal website to a full-fledged conference website for Earth Science department of IIT Bombay called ACROFI 2016(yet to be announced). We are currently indulged in creating a Drupal payment gateway module for IIT Bombay with the help of Conference Organizing Distribution. We will try to arrange a lightning talk on it.

In the video below, I along with the other members of Indian Drupal community have given a warm welcome in distinct linguals.

Ghar bada nahi hai toh kya hua? Dil toh bada hai 
One of the famous lines of Mumbaikars which means "We cannot afford big house but we have giant heart" 
This is how our Drupal Mumbai community is.

Mumbai is a melting pot of uncanny aspirations. It is evidently reflected with bright tints and hues on the website designed for the conference. A perfect blend of our customs and culture along with our national bird with a fan-like crest of spatula-tipped wire-like feathers adds to Desi seasoning.

This is one of the Open source community I like to be active in for all meetups. There are people with whom I like to interact & learn from everytime we meet.

Every time a new release of Drupal becomes available, Drupal user communities around the world gather to share the new release with each other, and eat celebratory cake. This was what we did for Drupal8 release party recently.

Drupal8 Release party

    Lastly, thank you Amanda for giving me the opportunity to write a blog for such a coveted event. DrupalCon Asia 2016, Mumbai, India is worth attending with comparably cheaper ticket prices than any other international conference. Wish you a safe journey & a pleasant stay. Can't wait to see you all and meet Dries Sir at DrupalCon Asia 2016, IIT Bombay, India.

    Saturday, October 24, 2015

    ESyS-Particle on Ubuntu

    Hi Guys,

    I would like to introduce you to another open source tool, ESyS-Particle. 

    ESyS-Particle is Open Source software for particle-based numerical modelling.
    It works perfectly on Ubuntu OS version 14.04. Working on ESyS-Particle on Ubuntu OS is comparatively easier than Windows OS.
    For Ubuntu 12.04 try the following links:

    Or else just try:

    $sudo apt-get install esys-particle

    Follow the link below for writing scripts for ESyS-Particle:


    Download the tar file on the right side of the webpage below:


    In the Doc folder, you will find the pdf guide for the ESyS-Particle.


    Sunday, July 12, 2015

    Design your resumes & presentations with LaTeX

    LaTeX is a document preparation system and document markup language. It is widely used for the communication and publication of scientific documents in many fields, including mathematics, physics, computer science, statistics, economics, and political science. It can be used to create presentations and innovative resumes as well. IT IS NOT AT ALL TEDIOUS. Here, I will explain you how to create simple presentations and resumes in LaTeX which will look more professional than docx resumes and ppts.

    For this we need TexmakerLaTeX editor. 
    For Ubuntu install Texmaker with,
    sudo apt-get install texmaker

    Download the LaTeX-Tutorial from here.
    Now you have a folder named LaTeX-Tutorial with pdf files and tex files. pdf files are the output whereas tex files are the code files for LaTeX.
    Right-click on Python-Schedule.tex and select open with Texmaker.
    This is a code file for creating simple document in LaTeX. I have created a schedule with rows and columns.
    The first line documentclass calls built-in beamer class or document style for the document.
    We just add the line. \usepackage{package name} to access all the commands, symbols, environments, etc., that are in the package. These steps are common for all LaTeX code files.
    After which the actual document text begins. We have inserted colors and captions for the table.
    Note: It is necessary to \end whatever you \begin in LaTeX.
    Table in Texmaker
    This is actual table content shown in the image. Now to get output/reflect changes in output, we need to generate the pdf.
    For that, save the file & then goto Tools->PDFLaTeX
    This will create some run time files like .aux, .log etc. in your folder which you can delete later.
    Note: Never delete .tex file
    You will find that a pdf file is also created which has your table. Even if you delete your pdf file, on executing .tex file, you can generate it back again. You can just share the pdf file with your friends. 
    This is the method to create simple document file in LaTeX.

    Now let us learn how to create a presentation.
    In LaTeX-Tutorial folder you will find oop-unittest.tex file. Open the .tex file.

    In this file you will find lot of usepackages which are needed to design the beamer template for presentation.
    Here we have used frames to indicate per slide. Every frame(slide) has its frametitle and then we are listing down the text which we want to show in the slides. The listing is possible with itemize. Run the file and you will get a presentation pdf as output.

    To get more such advanced templates for resumes use

    My Talk @ FWD